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Frustrated with your Timeshare? Tired of paying maintenance fees? Are you just DONE? Did you know that you may be eligible for a complete termination of your timeshare ownership?

At Easy Timeshare Relief, we provide our customers with a free consultation and explain your eligibility for the following options:

Easy Timeshare Relief offers guaranteed solutions for customers with any timeshare issue, regardless of the situation. We look forward to assisting you with all of your vacation ownership needs.

Why Our Solutions Work

Because of our industry relationships, we are able to offer our clientele the most competitive rates possible on terminating your timeshare contract permanently.

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What is the process?

Mortgage Cancellation Program:
  • This program is designed for our clients that have a mortgage on their timeshare regardless if the mortgage is current or not.
  • We assign your specific program to a case manager via our Attorney Advocacy program that will work with you through 6 program phases to get you out of your timeshare contract.
  • A welcome letter is sent to you with the assigned case manager contact info that will be assisting with your file.
  • Your case manager assists in the preparation of all documents on your behalf and sends the demand letter to resort for cancellation.
  • This process may take as long as 6-9 months during.
Deed Transfer Program:
  • This program is designed for clients that have paid their mortgage in full and no longer want their timeshare nor continue to pay for future maintenance fees.
  • We work with our deed and transfer partners to remove your name from your deed.
  • Client provides our company with all requested documents and our team of specialist uses that information to prepare all necessary deed and transfer documents.
  • You will receive documents with in 45 days of submission and it normally takes 90-120 days to record.

Each program is customized to the Clients specific need. The Client is notified of the completion of the cancellation in writing. Some timeshares, including mortgage cancellations, may take longer to process. Ask your consultant for more details on timeline.

Talk to your consultant

Schedule your FREE consultation with our consultant that will handle all questions and assess your current situation.

Bring all paperwork to your meeting

Please bring all your resort materials (deed, copy of last maintenance bill, etc.) Our consultants handles all transactions regarding the release of your current timeshare property.

You could be off the deed in 30 to 90 days

We guarantee that with our Deed Transfer Program that with in 30-90 days you will receive new documents to sign with a Notary to take you off your deed.

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Break the Bonds of your Timeshare

  • Eliminate Maintenance Fees- in many cases saving you thousands of dollars for years to come
  • No more hidden cleaning fees, resort fees, club fees or exchange fees
  • No more “Special Assessment” fees
  • Travel the way you want, when you want with never a maintenance fee again

Is there really a way OUT?

The truth is that a timeshare contract is a binding legal document! It is also true that timeshare companies claim that you cannot cancel the contract. The reality is that there is always a way out! Our consultants and our partners are very proficient in both transferring you out of your contract or canceling it altogether. The truth of the matter is, that under the law, contracts are cancelable for a variety of reasons, including fraud and mistake. We are very proud of out ability to assist our clients of becoming FREE from bonds of their timeshare.

Cancellation” occurs when either party puts an end to the contract for breach by the other and its effect is the same as that of ‘termination’ except that the canceling party also retains any remedy for breach of the whole contract or any unperformed balance.” Uniform Commercial Code 2106(4); see 13 Corbin (Rev. ed.), §73.2; 13 Am.Jur.2d (2000 ed.)

Since it is the law of the land, that a breach of contract by a party to the contract may result in the other party being released from their obligations under the contract, the notion that one is forever bound by a timeshare contract is erroneous as a matter of law. The purpose of this article is to provide a ray of hope to those timeshare owners who are no longer interested in being tied to their timeshare and its lifetime of financial obligations. To start, when you first purchase your timeshare, most states have a rescission, or “cooling off,” period during which timeshare buyers may cancel their contracts and have their deposit returned. This is known as the “right of rescission.” Once this period expires, however, most timeshare companies will have you believe that their contract is non – cancelable and you are thereafter bound in perpetuity to pay the ever increasing maintenance fees that go along with timeshare ownership.

Termination” occurs when either party, pursuant to a power created by agreement or by law, puts an end to the contract otherwise than for its breach. Uniform Commercial Code sec. 2106 (3)

In recent years, the timeshare industry has made many headlines and received much bad press from timeshare owners who wanted nothing more than the complete release, termination and cancellation of their timeshare interests.

Individuals seeking cancellation and termination of timeshare interests for fraudulent and deceptive conduct, which is often utilized by timeshare sales people, to induce naive potential owners to sign on the dotted line. Such conduct includes FALSE representations noted below and, typically made at the time the timeshare is sold:

  • The timeshare you purchase will appreciate and increase resale price and value over time.
  • The timeshare you purchase could be freely exchanged, transferred and sold.
  • The timeshare you purchase is a financial investment.
  • The timeshare you purchase will grant you priority booking if you have a VIP or ELITE Status.
  • The timeshare you purchase will be expanding and your ownership will extent to the new expansions.
  • The timeshare company will take on trade a previously purchased timeshare.
  • And much more……

As a result of the many falsehoods, our company has become very proficient at releasing timeshare owners from their timeshare obligations even without resort to litigation. Our programs work and they are 100% GUARANTEED!

Should you be the VICTIM of one or more of the misrepresentations noted above, you too may be able to cancel your timeshare contract.

What our competitors do...

Many timeshare owners seeking to get rid of their timeshare fall prey to listing companies that propose to list their timeshare for sale. As such, these companies charge UPFRONT FEES and have been under investigation by state Attorney General’s for fraudulent and deceptive practices. Other companies list the timeshare through the developer, if the developer handles re-sales, or through a timeshare resale broker. Many of these brokers or developers as for LISTING FEES too. It is these advance fee practices that have fallen under the scrutiny of state Attorney Generals.

We are not like other companies! We put everything in writing! Including our 100% Guarantee!

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